True Thanksgiving

By Pastor Calvin, November 19, 2010 2:12 pm

It is estimated that 45 million turkeys, weighing a total of 675 million pounds, are consumed each Thanksgiving day in the US.[1] Thanksgiving may now be about the only holiday that is still safe to mention by name. And judging by the statistics I just quoted, it would seem that most Americans have some sort of celebration with family or friends.

So what makes our Thanksgiving different from most of those in our nation who supposedly are giving thanks? For many the day is simply an excuse to eat more and watch football. So what is it that sets us apart as God’s people? Let me suggest four things that should set us apart as God’s people this Thanksgiving.

1. We are not just thankful but we give thanks to God.

2. We give thanks not just in ‘good’ times but also in ‘difficult’ times.

3. We are not just thankful for physical blessings but even more for spiritual blessings.

4. We are not just thankful but also content.

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