Community Competitions

2006 Art Competition: God’s Handiwork: the Creation
  Category 1: Eleventh and Twelfth Grades
Honorable Mention
Evelyn Santiago, Grade 11

Evelyn Santiago
119K file
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Evelyn is a seventeen year old student from New York. She has been homeschooled through CLASS since 2000.

In addition to drawing and painting, Evelyn enjoys cooking, baking, and creating her own recipes; taking photos of God’s creation (especially the flowering plants in the New York Botanical Gardens); singing old hymns; and spending time with her much older siblings and their families.
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Chelsea L. Cowen
135K file

Elisabeth Sim Daniels
109K file

A. Whitney Meiklejohn
94K file

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  Category 2: Ninth and Tenth Grades
Honorable Mention
Leah N. Olson, Grade 10

Leah N. Olson
142K file
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Leah is a fifteen year old CLASS student with four brothers and four sisters. She spent thirteen years in a small, rural town in the Finger Lakes region of New York before moving to Oklahoma. Currently, she resides in Louisiana, where her dad is the pastor of a Nazarene church.

Leah started drawing when she was ten years old. Never having any drawing lessons, she began by watching her older sister and and deciding she wanted to draw “as good as [her sister] did.” Now she uses her love for drawing to make others feel special; she gives her pictures away to friends because she enjoys making them happy.

Entries by other artists (click to view)

Theodore W. Antti
103K file

Janessa Davis
151K file

Janalee May Duarte
91K file

Anna Dunlap
114K file

Sara E. Elmer
98K file

Ethan James Ernst
120K file

Sara Yuri Flores
144K file

Summer R. France
109K file

Rebekka A. Mantegna
121K file

Lindsey Marie Reid
99K file

David Marcus Sparks
106K file

Andrew M. Taylor
100K file

Alyona Trushkov
150K file

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  Category 3: Seventh and Eighth Grades
Entries by other artists (click to view)

Jedidiah R. Duarte
111K file

Andrew Rainer
110K file

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