Christian Liberty Academy School System

What Is the Online CAT?

The online CAT is a Web-based version of the paper-based 1970 edition of the California Achievement Test. Even though the 1970 CAT is strictly speaking an achievement test, Christian Liberty has been using it successfully for over twenty years to help place students in an appropriate grade level (2–12) in the CLASS program.

Christian Liberty also offers the online TestPoint test, which has been designed as a grade level placement test. TestPoint is a good choice for most families who merely wish to properly place their child in a grade level.

Some states, however, require homeschooling families to report achievement test results, and results from the 1970 edition of the CAT are accepted by many of these states. If you live in a state that requires reporting of achievement test results, the CAT is the right choice for you.

If you cannot access an online test, we still offer the paper-based 1970 edition of the CAT.

Why the 1970 Edition CAT?
CLASS uses the 1970 edition of the CAT because it offers a consistent benchmark for comparing student abilities. This consistency allows us to make more accurate choices when selecting a student’s curriculum. The 1970 edition was selected because it is more demanding than the more recent editions—and therefore more in line with our curriculum.