Christian Liberty Academy School System

What Is the Paper CAT?

The paper CAT is the original paper form of the nationally standardized California Achievement Test (1970 edition). There are five levels, covering grades 2–12.

New or re-entering students: the paper CAT will be sent prior to curriculum development. It must be completed and returned before the enrollment can be processed.

Re-enrolling students: the CAT will be sent with the course materials and may be used to measure the student’s progress. The CAT is optional for re-enrolling students.

If you live in a state that requires you to report achievement test results, we recommend that you use our online or paper-based California Achievement Test (1970 edition).

CLASS uses the CAT to help determine which courses to assign to new students. CLASS does not use the test to meet any state requirements.

Why the 1970 Edition CAT?
CLASS uses the 1970 edition of the CAT because it offers a consistent benchmark for comparing student abilities. This consistency allows us to make more accurate choices when selecting a student’s curriculum. The 1970 edition was selected because it is more demanding than the more recent editions—and therefore more in line with our curriculum.