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The following subjects are required for advanced kindergarten:

Christian Liberty assigns one year of Bible in advanced kindergarten. In addition to the courses listed below, CLASS does offer an Independent Bible course.

Note: You may, or we might, choose different courses from different grade levels if they are more appropriate for your student. CLASS reserves the right to modify course selection based on standardized test scores, course availability, and previous course assignments.

Available Courses
The first course listed will be assigned by CLASS unless you choose an alternate from those shown below. Write any alternate choices selected in the comments section of the enrollment application.

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Title: Big Truths for Little Kids
Subject: Bible Course Number: 13305
Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten
Author: Susan Hunt, Richard Hunt Number of Pages: 160
Publisher: Academic Credit:
Copyright: Course Charge: None
Prerequisites: None
Course Materials:
Course Description: Your children are a blessing from God. A gift that brings an abundance of joy and the privilege of teaching them God's ways. When they're young their potential to learn is amazing. And because actions and beliefs go hand in hand, the lessons they learn from you now will shape their lives forever.

How we live is based upon what we believe. Susan Hunt wants to help parents systematically teach their kids the basic truths of faith so that they live for the Lord. This wonderful book, with its easy-to-use story format, can help you teach the basic truths of the Christian faith to your children. Each lesson in this devotional for children begins with simple questions and answers about a biblical principle and is followed by a story of two youngsters, Caleb and Cassie, that portrays how that truth can be applied. You're children will learn right along with Caleb and Cassie that God's ways are best--and that even as kids, they can live for His glory every day. Recommended for ages 5 to 9.

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