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The following subjects are required for advanced kindergarten:

This subject is required each year through tenth grade, or longer if the student has not successfully completed Algebra 1 by that time.

Note: You may, or we might, choose different courses from different grade levels if they are more appropriate for your student. CLASS reserves the right to modify course selection based on standardized test scores, course availability, and previous course assignments.

Available Courses
The first course listed will be assigned by CLASS unless you choose an alternate from those shown below. Write any alternate choices selected in the comments section of the enrollment application.

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Title: Working with Numbers: Level A
Subject: Arithmetic Course Number: 58310
Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten
Author: Harcourt Achieve, Inc.
Number of Pages: 142
Publisher: Harcourt Achieve, Inc. Academic Credit: None
Copyright: 2004 Elective Fee: None
Prerequisites: None
Course Materials: Workbook
Course Description: This course provides an introduction to basic math families and facts and their operations. It is designed to reinforce concepts already learned, such as single-digit addition and subtraction and counting to one hundred.

There are currently no alternate courses for this subject.

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