Christian Liberty Academy School System

High School Choice
Theological Studies • Bible

Independent Bible Course
Christian Liberty understands that Christians hold various theological views, not all of which are in agreement with our own. Therefore, we allow families to construct their own independent Bible course if the choices we offer do not meet their needs.

Families choosing to take our Independent Bible course must use the Holy Bible as their primary text, regardless of what other materials are used. Those selecting this course will receive course instructions stating what CLASS requires, as well as what must be submitted in order for a final grade (determined by CLASS) to be awarded.

Because CLASS allows the family to construct its own course and supplies no required materials, CLASS does not issue academic credit for its Independent Bible course. When this course is chosen at the high school level, CLASS will waive the one credit graduation requirement listed for the grade level under Theological Studies.

Students who pursue this option at the high school level are still responsible for meeting the minimum credit requirements for graduation, which means a student may need to take additional courses to earn enough credits to graduate.

The Independent Bible course may be assigned at each grade level throughout the CLASS program.