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Caught between the Scylla and Charibdis?

For the average young person caught up with all the techno-world lingo on their phones, their preoccupied parents who shuffle them from here to there like cattle, and the mindless public school system that is more about indoctrination rather than education, issues of epistemology and the veracity of that which they are daily confronted with seem of little importance. It is the excitement of “the new trend” that draws them forward, without concern that aforementioned “new” may leave one between the mythic Scylla and Charibdisand the impetus of personal and cultural collapse (Proverbs 5:11-12). 

America’s current new trend is androgyny[1] in all its glory that began decades ago with David Bowie and Michael Jackson and other famous “influencers.” Now that their influence has expanded through the years with the help of modern media, both news[2] and entertainment (Netflix trailers of vacuous movies or episodic series with all their glitter and glitz), [3] helps facilitate the above-noted “new trend” and keeps other people preoccupied as do other “methods” of diversion. 

There is also the danger of online biological evangelism when people who your children have never met encourage (is it grooming?..)[4] your children to “Transition” to a different sexual orientation.[5] All that in the name of freedom. A “freedom” from faith, family, tradition, and our history while marching toward a brighter, rainbow-colored Marxist[6] environmentalist[7] future!

Equally, the Public School system has never met a “new game” it did not want to try out on our children.[8] Yet, in spite of their purported desire to encourage “equality” and “inclusivity” – they are really perpetuating the make-believe world of childhood. One wherein no one wants to grow up similar to Peter Pan who in this day and age might want to trade clothing with Wendy. [9]

Medical Technology: Blessing or?…

Sadly, and despite our modern medical knowledge and technical abilities, the confused state of our medical professionals offers little guidance. Indeed, as one medical professional asked:

Are physicians simply clinical scientists treating disease, or are we to care for the human being afflicted with the disease? In today’s pluralistic culture, there are many narratives competing to define our humanity. Walker Percy summarizes the problem with his typically sardonic humor in Lost in the Cosmos

“You live in a deranged age – more deranged than usual, because despite great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing.”[10]

When did the above-noted “deranged age” begin, and what will it mean for our children faced with what was once considered “unspeakable” is beyond the scope of this article. But one thing is clear: if the telos of the modern cultural avatars is endless unfettered expression by anyone with a website, a movie studio, or a classroom, one is not left wondering about the value of that which is being expressed, or the end result.

Elizabeth Matthew writing for the Law & Liberty online journal speaks clearly of our collective future:

A nation of perpetual children will be, inevitably, a nation that is ever more androgynous. But in such a society, “gender ideology” will be among the least of our worries. After all, perpetual girlhood and boyhood are no more useful than perpetual androgyny, in the end.[11]

When society drowns in unreality from top to bottom, why are we surprised that the people who inhabit that society from top to bottom make stupid, life-changing choices and bat not an eye at boys in girls’ sports, hormonal treatments to outright permanent sex change operations..?

Christian Liberty Homeschools is willing to help you resist all of the above by teaching your child to see the world as it is and their place within it as boys and girls created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28) who will grow up knowing what bathroom to use:


[2] The media, concluded Tucker Carlson of Fox News, are “not here to inform you. Even on the big things that really matter, like the economy and war and COVID…their job is not to inform you. They are working for the small group of people who actually run the world. They’re their servants. They’re their praetorian guard. And we should treat them with maximum contempt because they have earned it.”




[6] “When Thomism—or, more commonly, the Scholastic tradition that grows out of Thomism and propounds the theory of natural law—ceases to be the predominating philosophy of a university, the university simply ceases to be. This is easy to see in the way courses are taught, many of which have adopted a “neo-Marxist” philosophy: “Thomism is meant to advance actual knowledge, neo-Marxism is meant to advance propaganda, which is true to Marx’s goal of putting change (revolution) above understanding (wisdom).” Whereas one philosophical system espouses the intellect and reason, the other system emphasizes feeling and action. It’s no mystery which one is the easier sell to young adults.” Quotation taken from online article found below: 

Does College Get in the Way of Education?

[7] Who can forget AOC insisting that the world would end in a little over a decade??? See her live here:





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