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CLASS Administration Plan

The CLASS Administration Plan (CLASS Plan) is designed for those who want to enroll with CLASS for accountability, but still enjoy a flexible schedule.

CLASS Plan Features

  1.  Official enrollment with CLASS and academic credit awarded

  2. Curriculum designed for your child based on standardized testing

  3. Alternate courses available in selected subjects

  4. Math email helpline for Saxon Math 76 and up

  5. Online algebra tutorials

  6. All necessary educational materials including textbooks, workbooks, and test papers

  7. Curriculum adjustments if needed

  8. Guidance materials to help organize your home school

  9. Annual basic skills testing program

  10. Grading and record keeping services with regular report cards sent to your home 

  11. Year-round phone assistance with administrative problems or questions

  12. Official student ID card for students in grades 9–12

  13. Kindergarten graduation certificate; Academy diploma upon graduation from eighth and twelfth grades; transcript service 

  14. Assistance, if necessary, in dealing with school authorities and the law


The CLASS Plan curriculum is designed to provide a typical student with the workload of a nine-month school year. We desire, however, that each student work at a pace that will produce the best possible results in comprehension and achievement. Accordingly, we have set our tuition to cover an entire twelve-month period from the time the student receives his school materials. You may purchase up to three extensions of one quarter each. All course requirements must be completed by the end date of the last allowable extension.

Compare CLASS Plan benefits with Family Plan

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