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One Low Price

When you enroll in some home school programs, the basic tuition may seem reasonable, but once you add the registration fee, books, services, and hidden costs, the only thing left in your wallet is a bit of lint. With CLASS, you know at the outset what your entire year will cost. Your cost will be so low, we are happy to show you our tuition rates right up front. All the materials and services are included. You can even attend our annual home school graduation events; all you pay for are your cap and gown, and the gas to get here!

You might wonder how we can provide excellent materials and services at a fraction of what others charge. CLASS is a ministry. It has always been our heart’s desire to make homeschooling accessible to as many families as possible, without sacrificing quality. It is our desire to see generations raised up that fear the Lord, and the need has never been greater. In these difficult economic times we feel the burden even more and we are committed to keeping the goal attainable for you. We are so very thankful for all the families who have partnered with us over the years in this most important endeavor. 

“I want to thank you for your ministry. I count it a great privilege to homeschool my son. It would not have been possible without CLASS. Your prices and willingness to work with us on payment were just the start. The fact that our curriculum came already put together with so many helpful tips...has made our first year homeschooling a great experience and all that I prayed it would be!

“...I know that no one is getting rich there, so I want you to know you have our gratitude as well as our prayers."

– Denton, TX

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