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Family Administration Plan

The Family Administration Plan (Family Plan) is designed for those who want to be independent home schoolers, but still enjoy time-saving services from CLASS.

Family Plan Features

  1. You are affiliated, not enrolled, with CLASS

  2. Complete freedom of schedule and structure; no work submitted to CLASS

  3. You provide your own grading, report cards, diplomas, and transcripts

  4. Curriculum designed for your child based on standardized testing

  5. Alternate courses available in selected subjects

  6. Math email helpline for Saxon Math 76 and up

  7. Online algebra tutorials

  8. All necessary educational materials including textbooks, workbooks, and test papers

  9. Curriculum adjustments if needed

  10. Annual basic skills testing program

  11. Guidance materials to help organize your home school

  12. Year-round phone assistance with administrative problems or questions


We assign the curriculum, but you control the amount of work your student must complete. Because Family Plan students do not submit any work to CLASS, you may restructure your student’s workload, even omitting parts of courses you consider redundant or unnecessary. In other words, you can use our curriculum your way!

Why Choose the Family Plan?

  1. You have students with special learning needs.

  2. A local umbrella school or cooperative provides administrative services.

  3. You need an alternative even less expensive than the CLASS Plan.

  4. You live abroad and regular correspondence would be both burdensome and costly.

Family Plan Limitations

Time Payment Plan

Family Plan enrollments do not qualify for a time payment arrangement.

What Is Not Included in the Family Plan

Family Plan students will not receive official course credit or diplomas from Christian Liberty Academy. In addition, because CLASS does not become involved with the grading or record keeping, we are not able to send letters to local school officials or to testify in court verifying the academic achievement of a student if parents are challenged legally. Any letters we send to local school officials will verify only that you have purchased our curriculum, guidance materials, and corresponding services, and are administering our program under your own supervision at home.

CLASS does not provide assistance with legal matters for those in the Family Plan. You may, however, join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The Association handles legal challenges for its members, as well as communication with school officials, and any court action.

College-Bound Students

College-bound students should be aware that they will need credible high school academic records to present to a college along with their ACT or SAT test scores. Parents will either have to keep excellent records of their student’s high school years (which may or may not be accepted by a particular college), or consider enrolling in the CLASS Plan during high school, where they will have formal academic records and graduate from a nationally known school.

Compare Family Plan benefits with CLASS Plan

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