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Two Plans

When you enroll with CLASS, you can choose the CLASS Plan, which offers greater accountability and comprehensive administrative services, or the Family Plan, where you have more freedom and provide your own administrative services.

Your Schedule Is Your Own

In the CLASS Plan, we suggest that work be submitted on a quarterly basis so that some grades will appear on your quarterly report card, but the amount of work submitted in any quarter is up to you. We only require that all work be submitted by the end of your school year. We allow up to three extension quarters if you need more time.

In the Family Plan, no work is ever submitted to CLASS. Once you receive your curriculum, your schedule is entirely up to you.

A Variety of Publishers

Most curriculum providers restrict you to their own publications. CLASS selects the best materials available from a variety of publishers like Abeka, Bob Jones, Saxon, and of course, Christian Liberty Press.

Alternate Courses

In addition to the publishers routinely assigned within our standard curriculum, CLASS offers alternate publishers in certain course categories for selected grade levels. These alternate courses may be requested at the time of enrollment.

Curriculum Adjustments Available

We assemble the original curriculum for you based upon standardized test scores, academic background, and comments you provide, but adjustments are available to meet individual needs.

Outstanding Selection of High School Courses

We offer an outstanding selection of courses to help you prepare your high school student for life after graduation. View Curriculum to see the options available and to begin tailoring a curriculum to your student’s strengths and interests.

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