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Flexible Schedule

Perhaps you would like to enroll in CLASS to take advantage of our great services, but are concerned that you might fall behind the work submission schedule. Life happens and sometimes you get behind. That is not a problem with CLASS. While we suggest a work submission schedule that will enable you to get the most timely feedback, the only firm deadline is the end of your school year. Even then, you can get extra time to complete a grade level at a minimal cost.

CLASS is flexible in more ways than one. You don’t have to study all your courses at the same time. If you want to complete your science course first and study history later, do it!

“We are very grateful for the opportunity for [our daughter] to complete her high school with the CLASS program, not only for the flexibility, but more importantly, for the excellent curriculum you offer. [Our daughter] enjoyed the Christian approach in all subjects...


"Thank you again for the efforts you have put forth to provide this excellent curriculum. We are very happy with CLASS."


– Victoria, BC Canada

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