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"His reading improvement is incredible! He started the year reading so poorly, and now he is reading from the Word of God with speed and confidence! I am beyond grateful for you all! You have blessed our lives beyond measure! May the Lord bless you abundantly more and more!”

“I can not count how many times I have thanked God for leading us to CLASS. This is our second year with my three kids, and we have been blessed so much. The biblical content of the books, the quality of the education and the price are some of the great benefits we have enjoyed with this program.”

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broadcast on  Chicago's WYLL 1160 AM radio station.

The Homeschool Program
00:00 / 25:59

Larry Hovde, Director of CLASS discusses the homeschool program

What is homeschooling?
00:00 / 22:02

Ellen Longabaugh of CLASS Customer Service shares 20 points answering, What is homeschooling?

Voice of Christian Liberty

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Why homeschool?
00:00 / 22:15

Ellen Longabaugh of CLASS Customer Service shares, Why homeschool your children?