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Nationally Recognized Diploma

No, that doesn’t mean our diploma is registered with the U.S. Government! It does mean that if your student graduates from CLASS, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting into good colleges and universities throughout this great country. Many of our graduates have been accepted by the best schools, and have received various kinds of grants and scholarships. You can do it, too—with CLASS.

“Our son was enrolled in your program from grade 5 through grade 12...he was accepted for the honors programs at all four colleges to which he applied, and he received numerous scholarship offers.

“Our daughter also...received a full tuition grant.


“While we are pleased with the academic accomplishments of our children, we are especially gratified with the development of the strong moral character we witness in their lives. they have developed the inner strength necessary to live in our moral culture."

– Albany, OR

CLASS Accredited by NAPS

CLASS is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, a consortium of Christian educators and private school administrators from across the United States and Canada.

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