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It's (Still) Never Too Late...


to take control of your child's education!

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Is your child glued to a screen?
Are they really learning?
Concerned with content being taught?

Is the school safe and healthy?

Good news!

Although the year has already started, it’s not too late to make a change!

We offer:

  • An excellent education

  • A variety of education options

  • Stability to start and finish in the same safe environment

  • Flexibility to start anytime and set your own pace

  • Content you can trust and monitor

All of this, and more, without the need to spend the day in front of a computer.

Option A - CLASS Administration Plan

Enroll in our K-12, full-service homeschool academy, which includes everything you need for the entire grade level:

  • Achievement testing

  • Books

  • Teachers manuals

  • Tests

  • Report cards

  • Transcripts 

  • Nationally recognized diploma

  • And more

Option B - Family Administration Plan

For even more flexibility, the Family Administration Plan is for families who want to do their own grading and keep their own records instead of sending work to CLASS.

Learn more about CLASS, our options, and how we can help you homeschool.

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