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Can I homeschool?

There are many questions that come up about teaching our children at home.

  • Can I really do it? 

  • How do I get started?

  • What about records?

  • Am I missing anything?

  • Is my child really learning properly?

We have answers!

Many people are now considering the possibility of home schooling. They’ve heard about it, but they really don't know much about it. How can someone successfully home school their children? Can I home school my children? How is it even possible? I don’t even know where to begin!

​​Good news!

CLASS Homeschools can help!

How do I GET startED?

It’s easy!  Just enroll!


Can I really do it?

With our materials and support you can do it.

  • You already teach your children many different things.

  • We send everything you need, including the CLASS handbook that provides suggestions on how to break up the materials to cover them during thee school year.

  • Our course instructions and teacher’s manuals provide help and guidance.

  • And you have a lot of flexibility. You aren't bound to a rigid schedule and you can take the time that you need.

We’re here for you!

What about RECORDS?

Our curriculum prepares your student for the future.


Whether you decide to go back to a traditional school, or your student graduates with us and goes on to college, CLASS provides the material and support you need to make sure your child is prepared


Good news, you don’t have to do this alone.

CLASS Homeschools has been helping families just like yours to succeed at homeschooling for a long time. Your student has been tested, and assigned appropriate curriculum. Our graduates have been accepted by leading colleges and universities.

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