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Web Resources

• Multi-media algebra tutorial lessons
• Annual art and essay contests with prizes
• Homeschool convention schedule
• Math email help for Saxon Math 76 and up
• And much more

How to Study
In simple straightforward language, this book explains how you can learn to study. The book cuts across all subjects in the curriculum, selects the basic skills, and visually shows how each skill is acquired. Useful for both teachers and students.

Family Worship Hymnal (e-book)
We provide this hymnal to enhance your family devotion time. The family that prays and sings together, stays together!

Christian Homeschooling: Foundation and Practice (e-book)
Adding a Bible course to a secular curriculum does not constitute a Christian education. This booklet describes a thoroughly Christian philosophy of education.


Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting (e-book)
This ebook, edited by Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom, analyzes why secular public education is failing and make the case for Christian education.


The SafetyNet Plan (e-book)
As Christian parents, we want our children to understand God’s perspective in every area of their studies—to develop a truly Christian worldview of life. This ebook by Tom Parent and Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom will help transform your children’s thinking.

Various Flyers
We may include a few flyers alerting you to events, products, or services which may be of interest to you as a homeschooler.

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