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Embark on a fulfilling educational journey with our kindergarten homeschool curriculum. Designed to foster a love for learning, our program lays a strong foundation in phonics and reading, empowering students to read sentences of seven to ten words. With an emphasis on penmanship and comprehensive mathematics, including addition and subtraction facts, time, money, and more, our curriculum ensures a well-rounded academic experience. Immerse your child in a Christian homeschool environment that integrates Bible studies, science, social studies, and art, nurturing both academic and spiritual growth.

First Grade

Discover our first grade homeschool curriculum, a pivotal year building upon foundational reading and math skills. In mathematics, students master addition up to eighteen and subtraction from eighteen, exploring two-column addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing principles. Spelling is introduced to reinforce phonics, fostering increased reading independence. Beyond academics, our comprehensive curriculum nurtures growth in Bible studies, penmanship, science, history, and art. Immerse your 1st grader in an enriching homeschooling experience with our Christian curriculum, setting the stage for a successful and well-rounded academic journey.

Second Grade

Explore our second grade homeschool curriculum, a dynamic blend of review and new concepts across all subjects. Cursive writing and grammar are introduced to enhance reading, writing, and conversation skills. In mathematics, students tackle multiplication, division, estimating sums, and rounding, while science explores the creation of the heavens and the earth in six days. Our history course provides insights into the development of nations worldwide and delves into the history and geography of the United States. Immerse your 2nd grader in a comprehensive homeschooling experience that nurtures academic growth with a Christian perspective.

Third Grade

Explore our dynamic third grade homeschool curriculum, blending thorough review with in-depth studies and new concepts. In mathematics, students delve into multiplication with carrying, mastering 2, 3, and 4-digit addition and subtraction. Science comes alive as students explore God’s wonders through geology, botany, astronomy, and biology. The Bible curriculum focuses on stories selected from the gospels, deepening students’ understanding of Jesus Christ. Elevate reading skills, including comprehension and vocabulary, along with mathematics and writing skills throughout the year with our carefully crafted Christian homeschool curriculum for 3rd grade. Invest in your child’s academic journey with our enriching and comprehensive program.

Fourth Grade

Embark on a rich academic journey with our fourth grade homeschool curriculum. Delve into select Bible stories from Genesis through Ruth. Grammar and handwriting will present creative exercises to help students hone their cursive writing and grammar skills. In mathematics, students tackle multiplication of decimals, addition of mixed numbers, simplifying fractions, and exploring area and volume of geometric shapes. Explore an overview of American history from Columbus to the late twentieth century, alongside scientific studies encompassing insects, plants, matter, energy, geology, and oceanography. Invest in a comprehensive and engaging 4th-grade Christian homeschool curriculum, tailored to foster academic excellence.

Fifth Grade

Embark on an exciting academic journey with our fifth grade homeschool curriculum. Explore the Old Testament from 1 Samuel to Malachi, delving into captivating stories. Our spelling curriculum introduces students to global geography, enhancing their knowledge of countries and cities, as well as words related to various fields of interest. Engage in brief biographies of American founders and builders, coupled with an introduction to geography. In science, dive into the study of mammals, energy, weather, and marine life, while mathematics advances to cover exponents, fractions, percents, and graph interpretation. Elevate your child’s education with our comprehensive and tailored 5th-grade Christian homeschool curriculum.

Sixth Grade

Embark on a comprehensive academic journey with our sixth grade homeschool curriculum. Dive into the profound study of the message and ministry of Christ, exploring Old World history from the Roman Empire’s collapse to the Reformation and early explorers. Geography comes alive as students engage with various maps, globes, and graphs. Our spelling curriculum focuses on suffix rules, while grammar challenges students with tasks like writing a newspaper editorial, compare/contrast essays, and limericks. In mathematics, students review basic math facts and progress to learning about square roots, geometric figures, and operations with integers. Science explores plants, the solar system, space exploration, and the fundamental principles of chemistry. Elevate your child’s education with our tailored and engaging 6th-grade Christian homeschool curriculum.

Seventh Grade

Embark on an enriching academic journey with our seventh grade homeschool curriculum. Building on prior knowledge, students delve into world history from Creation to the twentieth century. A thematic study of classic literature enhances literary understanding, while grammar reinforces basic concepts. Spelling drills into suffixes and prefixes for enhanced language skills. In Bible, students engage in the study of the Book of Acts. Science explores sea animals, healthy living, and plant life. Mathematics introduces the number line that includes negative numbers, decimals, fractions, exponents, and improper fractions. Elevate your child’s education with our tailored 7th-grade Christian homeschool curriculum, designed for academic excellence in a nurturing environment.

Eighth Grade

Embark on an enriching academic journey with our eighth grade homeschool curriculum. Students delve into the US Constitution, gaining insights into the workings of local, state, and federal governments. Spelling expands to words of Greek, Latin, French, and Anglo-Saxon origins, while grammar imparts essential rules applicable to various writing assignments. Our general science course covers geology, weather, environmental science, and astronomy while the mathematics course prepares students for algebra. Elevate your 8th grader’s education with our carefully crafted Christian homeschool curriculum, designed for academic excellence.

Please select the grade level you would like to view:

Ninth Grade

Embark on a transformative academic journey with our ninth grade homeschool curriculum, laying the foundation for life beyond high school. In Bible, English, math, science, and heritage studies, students delve deeper, choosing courses that align with their interests while meeting graduation requirements. Our Christian homeschool curriculum for 9th grade is designed to provide a well-rounded and engaging educational experience, ensuring academic excellence and preparing students for the future.

Tenth Grade

Embark on a focused academic journey with our tenth grade homeschool curriculum, as students build on their ninth-grade coursework to meet graduation requirements. Choosing advanced courses in Bible/theology, English, math, science, and heritage studies, our curriculum allows for individualized learning. Some students may even explore electives, tailoring their education to personal interests. Elevate your 10th grader’s education with our comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum, designed for academic excellence and personalized growth.

Eleventh Grade

Embark on a personalized academic journey with our eleventh grade homeschool curriculum. Students have the flexibility to choose courses of interest in Bible/theology, English, and heritage studies. The eleventh grade opens doors for students to explore two or more electives, ranging from foreign languages to additional math, science, or Bible/theology courses. Our Christian 11th-grade homeschool curriculum provides a diverse and engaging educational experience, empowering students to shape their learning path. Elevate your 11th grader’s education with our carefully designed curriculum, fostering academic excellence and individualized growth.

Twelfth Grade

Embark on the final stretch toward graduation with our twelfth grade homeschool curriculum. With an eye on the goal, students select courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements. The mandatory half-credit course, Writing a Research Paper: Senior Project, ensures students develop advanced academic skills. Choices include a Bible/Theology course, at least one more half-credit English course, and a heritage studies course. Elective courses are selected based on remaining credit needs, guaranteeing students meet the minimum four credits per grade level. Secure a successful Christian homeschool graduation with our tailored 12th-grade curriculum.

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