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Partner With a Leader

Why go it alone when you can partner with a proven leader in homeschooling? CLASS has served more than 100,000 families since 1967. In the early days, CLASS was one of the handful of vendors at most homeschool book fairs. By the grace of God, we’re still there.

You Provide Instruction

You provide the instruction, the guidance, and the love. There is no better teacher for your children. No one understands your children and the needs of your children more than you. No one can nurture and train up your children as you can.

CLASS Provides Services

We provide the level of service you want through our choice of plans. Whether you choose the CLASS Plan or the Family Plan, we provide a full complement of materials and services, so that you can better focus on the task of teaching and training your children. Let us evaluate your child’s skill level, assign books commensurate with that level, evaluate and grade his work, and provide report cards, transcripts, and a diploma with the weight of over forty years of academic excellence behind it.

Everything the Teacher Needs

We provide everything the teacher needs, including standardized testing, a CLASS Handbook, Lesson Planner,* teacher manuals, course instructions, answer keys, tests, score reporting forms, the administrative services included in your plan, and caring assistance from our customer service team.

* Those interested in a digital version of a lesson planner may want to consider using a free online application such as Homeschool SkedTrack. CLASS is not affiliated with Homeschool SkedTrack and is providing a link to their site as a suggestion rather than an endorsement of their product.


Everything the Student Needs

We provide everything the student needs, including textbooks, workbooks, and readers. Math help is available by email from 7th grade up. We also offer our own series of online Algebra tutorial lessons keyed to the texts.

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