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Education Supplement Kits

Do you know of a child who needs something constructive to do over the next 2–3 months?

During these days of self-quarantine, when schools have closed for the rest of their academic year and most summer programs have been canceled, we would like to help parents keep their children's minds active and enrich their education. If you or someone you know is looking for ways to keep their children busy at home with constructive activities over the next few months, consider our Family Education Supplement Kits.

These kits are self-contained and require no outside resources nor use of the Internet. Their goal is to provide spiritual encouragement through Bible study, mental skills development through reading and writing, and global awareness through history, government, or economics. While designed for use over a two to three month time frame, the kits should be used at a pace that works well for your family (taking additional time, if desired). The goal is not to overburden children with learning, but rather to provide activities that keep the mind sharp and promote spiritual and mental well-being.

The books in each kit include all support materials (textbooks, keys, test packets, etc.) necessary to use them as academic courses, should you so desire (not required). Also, the price for each kit includes free shipping within the continental United States.


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