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Materials & Services - Teacher Resources


The Handbook describes CLASS program features in detail and shows you how to work with the CLASS ministry team. The Handbook is also available online.

Lesson Planner
The Lesson Planner is full of information and forms to help you organize your school and schedule, and keep good records.

Making the Grade
This resource provides guidance and standards for grading your student’s daily work and reporting the score.

When a course has tests, and most do, we provide them for you. No need to create tests!

Report and Identification Sheets
R&I sheets give you a quick and easy way to report to CLASS the grades you assign to your student’s daily work.


Course Instructions

The course instructions describe what the student must do to complete each course and what work must be submitted to CLASS.


Teacher Manuals
These manuals provide guidance and direction for the teacher.

Standardized Testing
CLASS offers both the TestPoint™ online placement test (grades K-12) and the California Achievement Test (grades 2-12, paper or online). These standardized tests help us assemble an appropriate curriculum and allow you to find out how well your student is doing.

Answer Keys
Answer keys provide the teacher with answers to many or all of the questions found in the student’s textbooks and certain test questions.

Reusable Book List
You can use this form when you re-enroll to get financial credit for certain textbooks you may already have. 

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