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Variety of Publishers

When you enroll in some programs, virtually every textbook is by the same publisher, and you have no choice. When you enroll in CLASS, your child will get textbooks from a variety of publishers such as A Beka, Bob Jones, and Christian Liberty Press. If you don’t want a stifling sameness in all your books, let CLASS widen your horizons.

While CLASS assigns books from a range of publishers, you can make choices, too. We offer many alternates from which to choose.

“This was our first year homeschooling and it was a huge adjustment... I can honestly say that your program has been a true blessing... We are, of course, looking forward to summer break, but [our daughters] have already started asking when we can order their books and start back to school. Thank you so much for a God centered program that has rekindled our daughters' desire to learn."


– Canton, MN

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