• Ed Straka
    In his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business,[1] author Neil Postman describes the growth and outright dominance of the entertainment industry and the all-pervading influence it has had upon American culture. More to the point – the book illustrated how a culture could literally be dumbed down by the type of entertainment it dealt with on a weekly basis. Our modern debased culture appears to be the result
  • Ed Straka
    Accusations against home schooling are as old as time – but are they true? Will your child be dooming themselves to a life of intellectual mediocrity, social awkwardness, and low earnings if they do not participate in the modern American public school free for all??? Think again! Below are ten world famous and RICH individuals whose parents had the foresight and courage to do the right thing for their children and set them up for

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