Tuition, Payment, And Scholarships

The mission of Christian Liberty Homeschools is to empower the families we work with to homeschool their children in a fashion that best suites them.

Both our CLASS and Family Plans offer an outstanding educational foundation for homeschooled students, but vary in the amount of formal structure and support that is provided. As a result, the tuition for each program reflects that accordingly.

The CLASS Plan

The CLASS Plan offers a more formal and structured academic curriculum that is organized into a 9 month school year.

CLASS Plan Annual Tuition Structure

Kindergarten & 1st Grade – $470
2nd Grade through 8th Grade – $860
9th Grade through 12th Grade – $990

Learn more about the CLASS Plan here.

The Family Plan

Our Family Plan provides homeschooling families the opportunity to be more independent and flexible, but still have access to support services from a highly experienced and reputable organization.

Family Plan Annual Tuition Structure

Kindergarten & 1st Grade – $450
2nd Grade through 8th Grade – $675
9th Grade through 12th Grade – $850

Learn more about the Family Plan here.

Payment and Scholarships

Time Payment Plan (CLASS only)

A time payment arrangement is only available to families enrolling their students in the CLASS Plan. Families can put 50% of tuition fees down and spread the remaining balance over three or six months

There is a service change on the three month time payment plan of $5.00 per student and $10.00 per student for the six month plan. 

Hardship Appeal (CLASS only)

If a family finds it difficult to pay the 50% down payment, or needs more than six months to fund the remaining balance, contact our Customer Service Area for a Hardship Appeal Packet.

Hardship appeals will require confirmation of your need, including letters from doctors, pastors, employers, and/or court officers. Hardship appeals are only available for CLASS Plan enrollments.

Scholarships (CLASS and Family Plans)

Christian Liberty Homeschool provides a limited amount of scholarships to families in financial need who want to provide a quality homeschool education for their children.

Enrolled families must cover one-third of the overall tuition costs. The family’s church and/or Christian support organization must fund one-third, and Christian Liberty Homeschool will pay the remaining amount.

Because we have no means of confirming a family’s financial need, we leave this responsibility with the local church or support organization—those who are closest to the family. The willingness of the church/support organization to help pay tuition costs serves as corroboration of financial need.

Payments made by the church/support organization must be drawn on their account. A family may not write a check for the church/organization’s portion. Additionally, family payments must be in the form of a check or money order. We do not accept credit card payments for scholarship applications.

You may view the terms and conditions and download the scholarship agreement (PDF version only). If you’d like the forms sent to you, contact our Customer Service Department. Both CLASS and Family Plan families may apply for scholarships.

Noah Leake Scholarship Fund (Class only)

11th Grade students enrolled in the CLASS plan can apply for financial assistance for 12th Grade tuition expenses through the Noah Leake Scholarship Fund. Eligible students must be enrolled in the 11th Grade with us and have a GPA of 3.00 or better. A limited amount of funds are available.

Want to Learn More about the CLH or Family Plans?

Christian Liberty Homeschools offers families the choice of the fully supported CLASS Plan, or the more independent Family plan. Contact us today to learn more about either program!

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