CLASS Plan Or Family Plan?

The mission of Christian Liberty Homeschools is to empower the families we work with to homeschool their children in a fashion that best suites them.

Whether you choose the fully supported CLASS Plan, or the more independent Family Plan, we are your single source solution for a successful homeschooling experience.

It is our goal to provide an effective and economical way to manage your child’s education, and remove the negative influences found in the public school system.  

The CLASS Plan

The CLH curriculum is designed to provide students with a formal and organized, 9 month school year. We do encourage parents to work at a pace best suited for their student.

In addition, our tuition structure covers a 12-month period from the time a student receives their school materials.  Parents may purchase up to three extensions, of one quarter each. All course work must be completed by the end date of the last allowable extension.

Christian Liberty Homeschool’s CLASS plan is a comprehensive and fully supported program for homeschooling parents. For more than 50 years, we have been a pioneer in the modern homeschool movement, and have assisted many families succeed in providing a quality alternative education for their children.

The Many Features of the CLASS Plan for Homeschooling Families  

  • Students are officially enrolled in the program, and academic credit is awarded.
  • Curriculums are developed through parental input and standardized testing.
  • Alternate courses are available as academically appropriate. 
  • All necessary textbooks, workbooks, exam papers, and other materials are provided.
  • Access to Math email helpline (for Math 76 and up) and online algebra tutorials. 
  • Parents have various textbook publishers to choose from.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Grading, record keeping tools, and report cards are sent to parents. 
  • Parental guidance materials are furnished.
  • Annual basic skills testing is available.
  • Kindergarten certificates, as well as 8th and 12th grade graduation diplomas provided.
  • Transcript support provided as needed.
  • Access to year round support.  
  • Official student ID cards are issued.

Why Choose the CLASS Plan?

The CLASS plan is a great choice for homeschooling families who:

  • Want a more formal, and organized homeschool experience.
  • Wish to have comprehensive support.
  • Want access to a variety of textbooks and other support materials.
  • Desire grading, report cards, and record keeping tools.
  • Want a paper trail of achievement, such as diplomas and certificates.
  • Would like transcript support if needed.  

Time Payment Plan

CLASS Plan enrollments can take advantage of our Time Payment Plan. Contact us for additional information. 

The Family Plan

The Family Plan is designed for homeschooling families who desire to be more independent, but still want support from an experienced homeschool organization.

Features of the Family Plan

  • Students are considered affiliated, not enrolled in Christian Liberty Homeschool.
  • Parents enjoy complete freedom of schedule and structure.
  • No assignment work is submitted to us.
  • Curriculums are developed through parental input and standardized testing.
  • All necessary textbooks, workbooks, test papers, and other materials are provided.
  • Complete freedom to adjust curriculum.   
  • Alternate courses are available as academically appropriate.
  • Access to Math email helpline (for Math 76 and up) and online algebra tutorials.  
  • Guidance materials provided to help organize your home school program.
  • Year round phone support.

Why Choose the Family Plan?

  • You prefer a more independent homeschool experience.
  • Your student has special learning needs.
  • You have access to administrative services through a local umbrella school or cooperative.
  • You live abroad, making regular correspondence burdensome & costly.

What is not included on the Family Plan

The Family Plan has the following limitations:

  • Official course credit, grading, or diplomas are not provided.
  • Correspondence to other schools is not available.*
  • Court testimonials verifying academic achievement is not furnished.

*The only correspondence we can provide to other schools is verification that you purchased our homeschool program curriculum, guidance materials, and other services. We can also confirm that you are administering the Family Plan program under your own supervision.  

Students enrolled in the Family Plan are not provided assistance with legal matters. You may, however, join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The Association handles legal challenges for its members, communication with school officials, and certain court actions.

Time Payment Plan

Time payment arrangements are not available for Family Plan. 

Important Information for College Bound Students on the Family Plan

Aspiring college students should be aware that they will need credible high school academic records to present to a college or university, along with their ACT or SAT test scores.

Parent generated records of their student’s high school years may not be accepted by certain academic institutions. Families who do not want to endure these possible challenges should consider enrolling in the CLASS Plan.

Unlike the Family Plan, the CLH program provides formal academic records and certifications, nationally recognized by most colleges and universities.

Want to Learn More about the CLH or Family Plans?

Christian Liberty Homeschools offers families the choice of the fully supported CLASS Plan, or the more independent Family plan. Contact us today to learn more about either program!

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