Summer Reading Challenge

Download your free printable to track the books your children are reading this summer. Encourage their love for reading by setting goals and celebrating their achievements. Each time they finish a book, they can mark it off their list and even add a few notes about their favorite parts or characters. This not only keeps them engaged but also helps them develop a deeper connection to the stories they read. Plus, it’s a great way […]

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Homeschooling Is A Privilege

Homeschooling Is a Privilege

At our June graduation ceremony, some of our Christian Liberty Homeschool (CLH) graduates were interviewed and asked what they were going to miss about homeschooling.  “I liked being able to do what I wanted to do and to pursue whatever I wanted to do.” “I loved the focus and being centered in the Word.”  “I liked the flexible schedule and being able to get ahead in my work and to have time for sports.”  “I

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A Munchkin Born Every Minute: Where is Dorothy when you need her?

A Munchkin Born Every Minute: Where is Dorothy When we need her?

“Liberty is not the same thing as equality, and those who call themselves liberals are far more interested in equalizing than in liberating their fellows.”― Roger Scruton, Liberty and Civilization To be sure, it is human nature to always want to protect oneself and friends and family from the unknown dangers of this world. Violence and poverty being the two main concerns. Much of our life is concerned with those two problems and how to prevent them.

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The New Assyrians: Masters of the Migration Game?

The New Assyrians: Masters of the Migration Game?

Long ago and far away in central Asia there was a superpower known as the Assyrians. Although good at agriculture and iron working, they were also good at the military arts with cavalry, charioteers, bowman, and lancers that, upon winning the battle would engage in torture as a form of psy-ops to terrify neighboring countries.[i] Upon destroying their enemy’s military power, the Assyrians utilized the ingenious practice of forced deportation of defeated people groups while

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Education and Aristocracy

Education & Aristocracy

But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands (Isa.32:8). In an article by Andrew Beck in his article American Aristocracy, I found an interesting statement about “Aristocracy” that goes back in time to pre-Christian Greece. I say “interesting” because although in America we do not use the words aristocracy or aristocrats much anymore, we still have elites in positions of power and influence. But are they aristocratic? Consider: In

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