Transferring into the High School CLH Program

In addition to appropriate standardized test scores, students who intend to transfer into the full-time CLH high school program must meet the minimum entrance requirements listed below. Individual courses taken through CLH can be combined with other transcripts to meet these minimum requirements.

Previous School Records

Students entering grades 10–12 are required to have official academic transcripts of their previous high school studies sent to us. If not included with the enrollment, Christian Liberty will routinely request this information from the previous school when processing the application. If your student was previously home schooled, and you do not have an official academic transcript, then you may use our Independent Homeschool Transcript Packet (PDF version) .

Students enrolling in ninth grade or below who have obtained high school credits should also have these transcripts sent to CLH (or request that CLH obtain them).

No other previous school records are required for admittance into CLH. Although we will store other cumulative records (such as medical documents, progress reports, and attendance sheets) for the duration of your enrollment with us, they are not necessary for enrollment purposes.

CLH will send for non-required school records from a student’s previous school upon request.

For additional information see School Records.

Entering Tenth Grade

Students entering tenth grade must have earned a minimum of 4.0 credits,* which include:

• 1 earned credit of English

Entering Eleventh Grade

Students entering eleventh grade must have earned a minimum of 7.5 credits,* which include:

• 2 earned credits of English
• 1 earned credit of math
• 1 earned credit of science
• 1 earned credit of Heritage Studies (e.g., history, government, and/or economics) 

Entering Twelfth Grade

Students entering twelfth grade must have an overall GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 (“C” or better). They must also have earned a minimum of 12.5 credits,* which include:

• 3 earned credits of English
• 1 earned credit of math
• 1 earned credit of science
• 1 earned credit of Heritage Studies (e.g., history, government, and/or economics)
• 1 earned credit of Bible or a biblically based theology course**

* One academic credit implies a full year or two full semesters of work.

** Transfer students who lack this requirement may be assigned an additional Theological Studies credit in the twelfth grade, provided the assignment does not exceed the 7.5 credit limit for the grade level.

CLH does not accept any academic credits for physical education, health, and driver’s education courses.

Transfer students applying for grade levels for which they do not qualify will be notified by the Curriculum Department. 

Graduation Requirements

Theological Studies

4 Credits


4 Credits (including 1 credit of grammar and 0.5 credit research paper


2 Credits (including 1 credit of Algebra 1 or a higher level Algebra course)


2 Credits (including 1 credit of Biology)

Heritage Studies

5 Credits (including 1 credit of government and 1 credit of economics)

Additional Courses

3 Credits

Art, Music, Physical Education No academic credit awarded (subjects assigned each year; requirements are set by the family) 

Students transferring into CLASS at the tenth grade or higher may be eligible to waive some Theological Studies and/or Heritage Studies credits (all other areas of study must be fulfilled in their entirety). For example, a tenth grader who has never had a Theological course would not be required to make up the ninth grade credit, but would still need to take the three remaining credits.

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