Materials and Resources

Teacher Resources


The Handbook describes CLH program features in detail and shows you how to work with the CLH ministry team. The Handbook is also available online.

Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner is full of information and forms to help you organize your school and schedule, and keep good records.

Making the Grade

This resource provides guidance and standards for grading your student’s daily work and reporting the score.


When a course has tests, and most do, we provide them for you. No need to create tests!

Report and Identification Sheets

R&I sheets give you a quick and easy way to report to CLH the grades you assign to your student’s daily work.

Course Instructions

The course instructions describe what the student must do to complete each course and what work must be submitted to CLH.

Teacher Manuals

These manuals provide guidance and direction for the teacher.

Standardized Testing

CLH offers both the TestPoint™ online placement test (grades K-12) and the California Achievement Test (grades 2-12, paper or online). These standardized tests help us assemble an appropriate curriculum and allow you to find out how well your student is doing.

Answer Keys

Answer keys provide the teacher with answers to many or all of the questions found in the student’s textbooks and certain test questions.

Student Resources


CLH provides all the materials your student will need to read and study for the entire grade level. (Of course, you may supplement with your own materials if you wish.)


Some courses will have a workbook instead of a textbook; other courses will have both.


Some readers are provided for book reports, and others as part of reading or literature courses.

Math Help

CLH offers two very helpful resources for math students. Registered students in grade 7 and up may use our math email helpline. We also provide online algebra tutorials for algebra students.


Curriculum Development

CLH assembles the original curriculum for you based upon standardized test scores, academic background, and in accord with CLH curriculum requirements. We select materials from a variety of publishers, including our own Christian Liberty Press. Alternate courses are also available.

Curriculum Adjustments

You may discover, after receiving your curriculum, that a particular course is too easy or too hard for your student. CLH is often able to make an adjustment to meet individual needs.


CLH grades the tests and certain daily work for students enrolled in the CLASS Plan.

Report Cards

Report cards are mailed quarterly, showing cumulative test scores, quarterly averages, tests remaining and final grades.



Between report cards, scores are reported to families by email the day they are recorded.


An attractive diploma comes in a high quality display binder.

Graduation Ceremony

Christian Liberty hosts an annual on-campus graduation ceremony for all eighth and twelfth grade CLH graduates who wish to attend. Families with eligible students receive a complete graduation packet in February which includes information about cap and gown, class rings, and announcements. 

Maintenance of Academic Records

Christian Liberty stores a student’s cumulative records until the student transfers to another institution, at which time they are forwarded to that institution. If the student graduates from CLH, we keep these records in storage.

Assistance With Legal Matters

CLH does not give legal advice, but we will give you general guidance in handling legal correspondence with school officials, should the need arise.

Customer Service Assistance

The CLH Customer Service Department is available between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Central Time on weekdays. Our phone representatives can answer questions about CLH policy and the administration of your home school.

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