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“It has been our absolute honor to use your program to educate both of our children for the last eight years. As a former graduate myself, I love CLH and the wonderful way this program has enriched and strengthened us all.”

Family Testimonials

“Thank you does not convey how much I have appreciated all the customer care and service over the years. [Customer Service] answering my millions of questions, encouraging me when I was overwhelmed or forgetful, and always being the friendly voice on the other line as we have navigated curriculum. I am so glad that we will get to continue being part of [CLH] with my son, and am so grateful for the ministry and work that you all do on behalf of families like mine.”

“My wife and I watched my oldest grandson graduate from the public system with no real knowledge about the history of this country. He got a terrible education! His four years in public high school were at best mediocre . I retired when my youngest was in the 5th grade and my wife and I decided to give him a better option. We did our homework and decided to go with the [CLH] program at Christian Liberty in the 6th grade. This was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our youngest grandson is in 11th grade now and is doing great. My compliments to Christian Liberty for providing the tools for a Great education that is accredited.”

“I have been homeschooling with Christian Liberty for the past eleven years. I myself was homeschooled through Christian Liberty from 7th – 12th grade. My daughter graduated from Christian Liberty about three years ago. I recommend Christian Liberty to all who ask me about homeschooling as I know you are the best, truly Christian, and most affordable. On top of that the support and lifting up in prayer from you is priceless. You are doing the Lord’s work. I love you guys and pray that one day my children will homeschool their children with Christian Liberty if that is God’s will, of course! God bless you all and keep you firmly rooted in His love.”

Student Testimonials

“I am on the provost list at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor for receiving straight A’s… I received scholarships for academic excellence. I loved [CLH] and am so grateful for my education!”

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“I am writing to let you know that I received my transcripts and diploma in the mail today— hallelujah! Thank you so much for all you have done. You provided the excellent program, held the wonderful graduation ceremony last spring, and you have stuck by me in the confusing process of college application. Thank you so much for your patience and for getting these things straightened out.”

“It has been a busy year for me since high school graduation. I am enrolled at Pensacola Christian College pursuing a major in Nursing and will be [a] Sophomore this fall. I am still depending on the Lord’s direction for my life. I know I have learned a lot from my studies with Christian Liberty and appreciate all your help…Thank you for your ministry in education. May God continue to bless your work as you help other students.”

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“My mother homeschooled me from Kindergarten to 12′” Grade, using Christian Liberty Academy’s homeschool curriculum. For her, Christian Liberty Academy was an answer to prayer as it provided a solid, nationally-accredited, Christian education and allowed her to enroll me early. When I was a child, I hated school, as many children do, and fought my mother time and time again. Yet, my parents continued to patiently teach me in Christ.

Now that I am a young adult in college, I have come to appreciate the rigorous, Christian education I received. It prepared me for college, both in terms of prerequisite knowledge and a hard work ethic. Most importantly, it also helped to grow my faith in God so that I can venture out into the world without being washed away. Thank you for the time and effort  that you have put into the school’s program to make this possible.”

“As each year goes by, I am ever more thankful to the Lord that my parents followed His leading and home schooled my sister and I for most of our education. After being educated at home for nine years, I graduated from CLASS in 1987 and the Lord led me to attend college. I finished my M.A. in Education in May of 1994.

Thank you for all you are doing to help home schoolers. Please don’t ever give up your high standards of excellence.”

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Professional Reviews

“We chose the Christian Liberty Academy School System, or [CLH}, and so far we have been very pleased. Previously, in the Summer ’03 issue I (Jenefer) highlighted some of the reasons we chose the [CLH} Program. (one of the biggest pro’s was the great low price). Now that we have been working through the program for a semester, we fell like we are getting a real feel for ‘who’ [CLH] is. I have to say that this has been a very good experience.”

Curriculum Material Reviews

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