Identification & Confidentiality

When you enroll with CLASS, you are issued Family ID and Student ID numbers. These numbers identify you to our staff whenever you call, email, or write. They are also used to determine whether we will release information to a caller.

Because we use these numbers to access your academic and financial records, it is important that you do not give them to parties who may be hostile to your family’s home school practices.

Whether you call, email, or write, all requests must be made by the head-of-household or spouse (as listed on the most recent enrollment application) or by another authorized person as shown in our records. If you call, you will be asked for your name and Family or Student ID. Written and email requests must have the Family or Student ID, and a signature if possible.

To ensure complete confidentiality, CLASS will not investigate any request made by unauthorized parties, no matter how insignificant the request may seem.

In order to add or remove a person from the list of those who are authorized to access your family and student information, use our Authorization Form.

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