Individual Course Option

For over forty years, the Christian Liberty Academy School System has offered its K–12 curriculum to home schooling families on a full grade-level basis. While the full CLH program is still the best option both academically and financially for most families, we recognize that there may be good reasons why a student may wish to take only a course or two with CLH. We are pleased to offer our courses on an individual basis. These are the same courses we offer in our standard full-time curriculum with the same grading, report card, and transcript services. CLH is simply making these courses available individually to independent home schoolers outside of the full-time CLH program.


The tuition for individual course enrollments varies by course. However, tuition covers enrollment, textbooks, tests, handbook, grading, report cards, initial transcript, special mailings, and legal information. Postage costs for mailing course work back to CLH are extra.

Find tuition prices at our shopping cart.


Students taking individual courses with CLH are not enrolled in our full-time, or diploma, program. They are not eligible to graduate from CLH or receive a CLH high school diploma unless they transfer into the full-time program for at least the twelfth grade and meet the same criteria as other transfer students. Credits awarded for individual courses are transferable to our full-time program.

Students taking individual courses are not eligible to request Certificates of Enrollment. They are also ineligible for eighth grade diplomas.

Catalog and Enrollment Application

To view course and tuition information, see our shopping cart, or, contact our Customer Service department.

Shipping Policy

We charge exact shipping for orders placed through our on-line catalog at The total shipping charge is determined by totaling the weight of each item purchased and sending that information, along with your postal code, to UPS and the United States Postal Service for an exact shipping quote. Once these quotes are retrieved, they will be displayed and our customers can then chose the desired service.

All other mailings to you are included in your tuition; however, their shipping method will be determined by CLH and may not be the same as the method used to ship your main curriculum.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you choose to cancel your individual course(s), please contact our Customer Service Department promptly—by phone—before returning any materials. When you call, use our Customer Service Call Log to record the date and name of the representative with whom you spoke.

This call is important, but it does not cancel your enrollment. A signed letter from the family or a cancellation form (mailed or faxed) is required before any cancellation is considered official. If CLH does not receive this written documentation within sixty (60) days of your call, we will resume the enrollment.

You have thirty (30) days from the shipping date [sixty (60) for foreign shipments] to cancel your course(s) and request a tuition refund. If you decide to cancel after you have received your materials, contact Customer Service prior to returning any materials and request a Cancellation Kit.

This kit contains a Cancellation Letter/Returned Materials Authorization which, when completed and returned to CLH, serves as your official cancellation letter. The kit also includes a Returned Materials shipping label which must be affixed to the outside of your returned package (or envelope if canceling prior to receiving course materials).

Do not return any materials to CLH before you receive the Cancellation Kit.

You must return all unused curriculum materials to CLH. If a book has been damaged or has any writing in it, even just a student’s name, it is considered used and should not be returned. Christian Liberty is the final arbiter of whether a course item is considered used. Returned materials that are considered by CLH to be used cannot be sent back to you. The Individual Course Handbook is yours to keep.

If you cancel before we ship your course materials, a ten percent (10%) processing fee will be deducted from your refund. If you cancel after your materials are shipped, a twenty percent (20%) processing and restocking fee will be deducted from your tuition refund. There is no refund if you cancel more than thirty (30) days after the shipping date [sixty (60) days for foreign shipments]. Additionally, the cost of any used or unreturned materials, and any account balance, will be subtracted from your refund. Shipping charges (if cancellation occurs after course materials are shipped) are not refundable. This policy is subject to change without notice.

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