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Christian Liberty has an email helpline to assist our CLASS Plan, Family Plan, and Individual Course Plan students who are taking a math course for seventh grade and above. This service is designed as an opportunity for parent and student to work together in framing questions for our math specialists in the event that they have a question about a problem or an example in one of our math textbooks at this level.

Keep in mind that this is a helpline and not a tutorial service. Therefore, this service is not designed to teach your student math. It is still the responsibility of the parent to teach. We are available to help when you and your student have made your best attempts to understand a problem or example in the math homework, and you just cannot seem to get unstuck.


When you, the parent-teacher, have done all that you can to assist your student, yet still find you are not able to help him get past a particular obstacle to his understanding, then it is time to help your student to properly frame a question for our math helpline. Our response to your question will be in the form of a PDF file attachment to an email message. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be given the opportunity to download a free copy when you attempt to open and read your PDF attachment.

An email to the helpline should contain the following elements:

  • Your student’s full name
  • Your student’s ID Number
  • The name of the course
  • The appropriate lesson number and/or page number in the textbook
  •  The particular problem(s) or examples(s) causing the difficulty
  • What attempts have been made to understand the problem(s) or example(s)
  • What attempts have been made to solve the problem(s) and the results of your attempts


Below we display two examples of helpline requests. The first one lacks sufficient information about either the student or the student’s particular difficulty to enable us to offer the kind of help she needs. Such requests usually require a return email from CLH asking for the necessary specific information that should have been supplied in the original email.

The second one is an example of a properly formed request for help. In this situation, we can readily identify the student and her difficulty and provide immediate direction.


This service provides help for homework and practice test problems. Therefore, it is only available for assistance with the textbook exercises, as well as any corresponding publisher tests that are suggested for extra practice. This service is not available for assistance with any problems on the required CLH exams.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. We trust that this service will enhance the education of those students who are assigned a math course through CLH. 

The Math Email Helpline is available for those enrolled with CLH. To obtain the email address (password required), Click Here.

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