Education and Aristocracy

Education & Aristocracy

But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands (Isa.32:8). In an article by Andrew Beck in his article American Aristocracy, I found an interesting statement about “Aristocracy” that goes back in time to pre-Christian Greece. I say “interesting” because although in America we do not use the words aristocracy or aristocrats much anymore, we still have elites in positions of power and influence. But are they aristocratic? Consider: In […]

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Statesman orApex Predators?

Statesmen or Apex Predators?

There is a total void of “leadership” in Washington. There is no “Biden.” Just Team Biden: a corporate combo featuring low-rent messengers such as de facto neocon Little Blinkie. They do what they’re told by wealthy “donors” and the financial-military interests that really run the show, reciting the same old cliché-saturated lines day after day, bit players in a Theatre of Absurd.[i] We are ruled by men and women of power that essentially believe in

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