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Tailored Curriculum

“We had a wonderful year schooling with the materials you have put together for the children. We are looking forward to our continuing schooling with your help. I am so glad you build the curriculum for us. It makes it a lot easier on me.


”Our school system around here is really impressed with this type of homeschooling."


– New Philadelphia, OH

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all curriculum

CLASS evaluates

• Results of achievement/placement testing
• Transcripts and cumulative records
• Previous grade level courses and scores
 •Parent comments and requests


CLASS then assigns

• All necessary subjects appropriate to the student’s level
• Lower or higher grade level materials if more appropriate for the child
• Materials to correct gaps in the student’s educational experience
• Alternate courses, if requested by you


CLASS selects a best fit curriculum

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. The uniqueness of each child must be considered when assembling a curriculum. Beginning at second grade, CLASS relies in part on standardized achievement/placement testing to ensure that appropriate materials are assigned to each student. For high school, CLASS also evaluates transcripts and cumulative records. When available, CLASS reviews previous grade level courses and scores. With CLASS you won’t get a one-size-fits-all curriculum—you get the curriculum that best fits your child.

CLASS listens to you

We realize that you know more about your children than we do. Consequently, we rely on relevant personal and academic information provided by the family. We even invite parents to select favorite publishers before we put the curriculum together. Please visit, to see the most current listing of available options.

For many years, thousands of families have trusted the well-established and proven CLASS program to assign appropriate courses for their students and to make sure there were no educational gaps, but there’s nothing like seeing the materials—and participating in the selection process yourself. 

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