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Family​ Testimonials

“Our daughter just completed her first year (second grade) with Christian Liberty Academy. We are so GRATEFUL to have started this journey homeschooling through the CLASS program! We never expected to homeschool as we had our daughter enrolled in a local, well known and EXPENSIVE, Christian academy that started in kindergarten. Our mission was to have our daughter enrolled through high school at this school. Being self-employed, the pandemic cut our home income in half and we couldn't afford the high cost of our dream school and potential journey for our daughter. With the pandemic restrictions IN PLACE and schools e-learning, We decided to homeschool our daughter in her first grade year and gathered our materials from a popular curriculum online. During the first year though, We felt strongly to find a school that would keep valuable records, if this was the route we would continue to take. After some heavy prayer, The Lord answered big time! We met a man at Home Depot who was helping us with some lighting and he learned we were homeschooling, in our conversation with him. He shared that he homeschooled his two daughters, through high school, through the CLASS Program! Today they are medical doctors and attended Universities in Wisconsin and Arizona. We were amazed. He gave us CLA's phone number and the rest is history. We are so thankful the Lord guided us to CLA and have this bridge to help our daughter excel in ways that amaze us each day! Thank you Christian Liberty Academy for partnering with our family to guide our daughter to impact God's World! To God Be the Glory. Amen.” — Carol Stream, IL


“It has been our absolute honor to use your program to educate both of our children for the last eight years.” “As a former graduate myself, I love CLASS and the wonderful way this program has enriched and strengthened us all.”


“Thank you does not convey how much I have appreciated all the customer care and service over the years. [Customer Service] answering my millions of questions, encouraging me when I was overwhelmed or forgetful, and always being the friendly voice on the other line as we have navigated curriculum. I am so glad that we will get to continue being part of CLASS with my son, and am so grateful for the ministry and work that you all do on behalf of families like mine.”

Laveen, AZ


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"I just wanted you to know that my son was a homeschooled student many years ago.   He was taught at home from 7th thru 12th grade as a CLASS student.  When he got his diploma from CLASS he went on to attend the University of Mississippi. Upon graduation from Ole Miss in May of 2001, he was  accepted into the US NAVY Medical School Scholarship program.  He went on and  graduated from NOVA SOUTHEASTERN MEDICAL SCHOOL.   He then became a Flight Surgeon at Pensacola Naval Station for the duration of his four year NAVY Requirement.  After finishing his NAVAL obligation, Bryan was accepted into the PENN STATE RESIDENCY PROGRAM in Hershey, PA. After completion from PENN STATE’s ANESTHESIA Resident Program he joined the ANESTHESIOLOGY Department at the WINCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER in Winchester, VA.   He passed his Anesthesia Boards and became a Partner of that Anesthesia  Practice. 

   BRYAN has been an Anesthesiologist at Winchester Medical Center since 2014.  In July he will be 45 years old.

   I am a most proud Mother and I have been way too long in giving the CLASS Program of Arlington Heights, IL., a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!
Peachtree City, GA


"My wife and I watched my oldest grandson graduate from the public system with no real knowledge about the history of this country. He got a terrible education! His four years in public high school were at best mediocre . I retired when my youngest was in the 5th grade and my wife and I decided to give him a better option. We did our homework and decided to go with the CLASS program at Christian Liberty in the 6th grade. This was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our youngest grandson is in 11th grade now and is doing great. My compliments to Christian Liberty for providing the tools for a Great education that is accredited."
Glen Allen, VA

"It is with mixed emotions that I place this order because it means my baby will be graduating soon. It also means it will be the last order I place with CLASS. I have home schooled both of our children from K-5 -12th with CLASS. Thank you for all you have done for our family to make our homeschooling experience awesome! We will continue to recommend CLASS to others."
Lordsburg, NM

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"I have been homeschooling with Christian Liberty for the past eleven years. I myself was homeschooled through Christian Liberty from 7th – 12th grade. My daughter graduated from Christian Liberty about three years ago. I recommend Christian Liberty to all who ask me about homeschooling as I know you are the best, truly Christian, and most affordable. On top of that the support and lifting up in prayer from you is priceless. You are doing the Lord’s work. I love you guys and pray that one day my children will homeschool their children with Christian Liberty if that is God’s will, of course! God bless you all and keep you firmly rooted in His love."

Graduate and Mom: Vineland, NJ

“I am a 1999 graduate (of CLASS) and now a CLASS homeschool mom. When I was a student I noticed that I was not the only one learning. My mother was learning as well, and gaining confidence in herself. While there are days where I doubt my ability and worry about whether I am teaching in a way that my children can comprehend, I am also seeing myself continue to learn and grow.” “…God speaks to me, not just in bible lessons, but in all the curriculum.” –Graduate and Mom: Tipp City, OH


"I want to express my appreciation for the CLASS program. Two of my children have graduated through the CLASS program. My third  child will be starting 9th grade in your program." ... "To parents that are considering homeschooling, I  recall God placing it on my heart to homeschool. I remember receiving that first kindergarten curriculum in the box. I thought to myself, "What am I doing? !"  My not working outside the home halved our income. God is faithful.  He provided what we needed when we needed it.  He delivered my family through 5 bouts of unemployment. We were never without.  When 1 had questions, CLASS answered them. Jael and Deborah received nationally recognized diplomas and transcripts. Their colleges accepted them.  Even Jael who started college at 16 had no issues with college enrollment.  I am so grateful that I obeyed God's calling and used CLASS. I might have been paid in hugs and butterfly kisses, but what would a parent pay to have their children follow the path God has set before them? CLASS is an answer to prayer. CLASS aids parents in educating your children.  Parents do not have to worry if they are 'doing it right.'" - Colorado Springs, CO

“I would like to thank you all for your hard work and for giving us this opportunity to teach our children at home, no matter were we are in this world."... "His reading improvement is incredible! He started the year reading so poorly, and now he is reading from the Word of God with speed and confidence! I am beyond grateful for you all! You have blessed our lives beyond measure! May the Lord bless you abundantly more and more!” - Muldersdrift, -South Africa

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“We consider ourselves blessed to have the privilege of homeschooling our children. High school options were considered very carefully as it truly sets the stage for the next chapter in our kids’ lives. We have graduated one child through your CLASS program. We feel the flexibility the program offers to still be in charge of our child’s homeschool while utilizing the services of test grading, report cards and ultimately receipt of a diploma provides a perfect fit for our family. In addition, the accreditation of school is a valuable benefit of the program. The ability to choose from a variety of biblically based curriculums is also very important to us. The support we have received from Christian Liberty has always been nothing short of excellent.” - Austin, TX

“I can not count how many times I have thanked God for leading us to CLASS. This is our second year with my three kids, and we have been blessed so much. The biblical content of the books, the quality of the education and the price are some of the great benefits we have enjoyed with this program.”- Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

“We have continued using CLASS, and the children love the books. Particularly the history and reading choices. That first year was difficult for me, as I had not planned to homeschool. Now God has led me to pursue homeschooling for the entire course of their education, and I know CLASS will be my choice for every year.


"I want to thank you on behalf of my whole family, because your curriculum has touched our lives, and given us a wonderful education. I thank you that you are continuing to offer these services at the prices you have. I tell everyone I can about you, and thank God for the blessing you have been in my life - both as a child, and as I begin to teach my own children.” - Merrill, WI

“If there is ever a chance that I would be able to homeschool my sons again, I would come back to your school in a heartbeat. Thank you for being the light to so many, including myself and my three sons. In the two years that we have homeschooled, they have soared in academic learning as well as learning about God and His ways.” - Paul, ID

"We are so grateful for CLASS. The Lord directed our steps right at your "door" four years ago, and we are so pleased that we had all the support we needed to start homeschooling our daughter. It was the best choice for our family! For every question we asked, you had an answer. And it was the perfect one! We appreciated the quality and the high standards that CLASS offers and requires. May the Lord bless you all." - Bucharest, Romania


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"This is my first year homeschooling, and I must admit I was nervous about the whole thing. CLASS has put all those fears to rest. I absolutely love the whole program and my daughter does too! She sets her alarm in the morning and cannot wait to get started. We pray together and start on our Bible reading (7th grade, Book of Acts) It has created a bond between us that I simply cannot put into words. It is very special. The material is so thorough and very well put together. We love the stories "Of People" She cannot wait to start reading the next one and answer the questions. The Math is amazing, the book helps us out tremendously. I am not a Math expert, so I needed this! We love the History book. My daughter said today, "Mom, I actually love learning about history now!" This was not the case at all in her public school. The class planner also makes me job a lot easier. The people are so nice and helpful when I call with a question. It's like calling a friend. It's truly a warm conversation. Not something you encounter too much these days. The whole experience is just so right for us. Thank you so much Christian Liberty. I was thrilled to see, that we have an option of going to Illinois, if we want to participate in the CLASS graduation. I think that is beautiful. Though it's 6 years away, I honestly cannot wait for our family to go there and do that. God Bless all of you, and thank you again." – Mineola, NY

"We chose CLASS for high school for accountability, record-keeping (and availability of a transcript), and a nationally recognized diploma upon graduation. We especially appreciated the record-keeping, transcripts, and diploma. This allowed us to homeschool while having the assurance that we would not have to deal with the local school district or colleges that do not recognize parent-issued documents. My son graduated this spring. 

"Over the past four years the staff in CLASS Customer Service has graciously handled my many questions, concerns, and problems, whether they were academic, administrative, or financial. I appreciate their patience and their ability to do seemingly everything." – Somerset, NJ

" I told Mom I had really enjoyed being back with CLASS, and while I'm now the teacher, not the student, I have that same sense of security with Christian Liberty. I know I'm getting the best curriculum, tailor made for my child's needs. I know I can call the school for help, and depend on them for excellent advice. I'm not a lone homeschooler, but part of a larger family. I know my children will have a transcript, a record, and accountability for their education. Those things are so important to me. Even as a one income family we have been able to afford this Bible based education without having to pick up extra jobs. I told Mom that the CLASS program was still great and had even made some wonderful additions and improvements. I'm so thankful for my education, and that I can give that same education to my children, even as I watch my mother use the same tools for my little sister. The Lord has used Christian Liberty to give us the opportunity to start a family legacy of homeschooling. I'm just so thankful for the example they have set, and the strong tools and support they provide." – Greensboro, NC

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"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much we appreciated the opportunity to homeschool our daughter for the past three years of high school through Christian Liberty Academy. It came at a time when we needed it the most. The courses we chose were helpful in preparing her for college. Although many of the texts were very good, the social studies courses were outstanding. They gave insight into history, the world and its cultures that we have never found in any other textbooks. They helped us see the world and those around us in a new and positive light. We look forward to graduation ant a new beginning as we head off to college." – Arlington Heights, IL

"I love that Biblical principles are poured into every bit of their work. Science, History, and even Handwriting are all centered in faith. The Bible lessons are awesome, too. Nothing makes my heart prouder than to see my children studying their Bibles, and the way I get to help instruct them in that is absolutely amazing. 

"Thank you for providing this awesome Godly education for my children, and for giving me the experience to teach them. I tell anyone who asks about your excellent program, and I am looking forward to many more years with you!" – Blossom, TX

“I decided to use the CLASS system after careful research and prayer for my home schooling year of 2008-2009. I was a widow with three children at the time. My husband and I made a commitment to home school and I wanted to carry that through after his death in 2006. By 2008, I was struggling with working, raising three children and home schooling. Then I found CLASS. I am pleased to report that our 2008-2009 year was very successful as a result of the CLASS program.

”…I want to thank you for making CLASS affordable and available to so many people!" – Newnan, GA

“My husband and I homeschooled our own children using CLASS back in the 70’s and 80’s. When God gave us a grandchild to rear, we had no question as to what form of education we would use and where we would get it from. We chose CLASS again because we knew it to be well rounded, inexpensive, and we needed the security of the program for legal purposes. We were also drawn to it because of the leaning towards Reformed Theology. This is very important to us. We are pleased to find so many improvements in the materials and like it even better than we did the first time around. Thanks!” – Survey Respondent

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“…You have given our family many blessings over the years. We are so very grateful to all of our friends at Christian Liberty. When we count our blessings, Christian Liberty is always among them.” – Hamilton, NJ

“I would like to share with you news about my youngest daughter who graduated from CLASS this past April.

“[She] is a freshman at Oral Roberts University. Last December she wrote a revised version of her senior research paper and submitted it as part of her application for ORU’s Honors Program. In March, [she] was notified that she was selected as one of twenty-five Honors Fellows. This prestigious distinction and award pays all her tuition expenses for four years as long as she maintains a 3.5 GPA.

“Although we live in Tulsa, [our daughter] is living on campus on an honors floor in a dorm with other girls so recognized. [She] was awarded federal and state grants that covered her room and board expenses. She has had no difficulties adjusting to college life and demands. She is carrying seventeen hours this semester, some of which are honors classes, and was earning A’s at midterm. She also works twenty hours a week off-campus at the library, a job she started while in high school. [She] has not declared a major yet but is focusing on a Bachelor of Arts degree.

“[Our daughter] is yet another example of what disciplined and dedicated students CLASS has produced in its vision for excellence and achievement. She is following her four older brothers and sisters who also were exclusively homeschooled with CLASS.

“Thank you for helping make all this possible for my children and others like them around the world.”– Tulsa, OK

“We are very much enjoying our home schooling and appreciate the CLASS assistance with literature and grade subjects. It helps me so much to feel I am not alone in educating my son (and daughter). I feel assured they are learning the right way at appropriate levels since we have you to back us/support us with what to focus on.

“I am recommending your program to those I am approached by on the home schooling subject. It has been a blessing to begin teaching at home with your program and I don’t know how any rookie as I am could manage otherwise.” – Nokomis, IL

“How can we begin to thank you for all you have done! Five years ago our family decided to use CLASS for high school for so many reasons. We knew it was important to have outstanding curricula, teachings, and accountability, so CLASS was an obvious choice for us. [Our daughter] has just begun her first year at college, and with her CLASS background, has been chosen as one of 15 students out of 1200 to join the honors program. Her high school years with CLASS greatly prepared the way for her. Our son is a junior in high school, and once again we clearly see the benefits of CLASS.

“You have been there every step of the way, from answering math problems to answering personal prayers. With the help of your teachings we have seen both of our children enjoy a love for learning and a love for Jesus. Thank you!” – Valparaiso, IN


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“Thank you for another great year of homeschooling. God has blessed our entire family with this Christian based curriculum. We thank God for CLA and always keep you in prayer.” – Maple Shade, NJ

“We had a wonderful year schooling with the materials you have put together for the children. We are looking forward to our continuing schooling with your help. I am so glad you build the curriculum for us. It makes it a lot easier on me.

“Our school system around here is really impressed with this type of homeschooling.

“Thanks for everything you do. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.” – New Philadelphia, OH

“Thank you so much for CLASS. My son…floundered in the regular school system. We entered CLASS and my son really found himself; it was wonderful to watch... Now he is enrolled in Waukesha Technical College and asked me the other day, ‘Mom, what happened to me? Why didn’t I want to go to school? I love school now. What was I thinking?...’

“So, we can’t thank you enough. You filled a void and help[ed] change my son’s life and therefore mine as well.” – Sheboygan, WI

“I want to thank you for your ministry. I count it a great privilege to homeschool my son. It would not have been possible without CLASS. Your prices and willingness to work with us on payment were just the start. The fact that our curriculum came already put together with so many helpful tips and the fact that I am accountable to you for completion has made our first year homeschooling a great experience and all that I prayed it would be!

“So for myself, my husband, my son, and my other children, Thank you! I know that no one is getting rich there, so I want you to know you have our gratitude as well as our prayers.” – Denton, TX

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“Our daughter...was received into Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska on her CLASS Diploma alone. She also received scholarships for full four-year tuition. You can add Chadron State College to your list of colleges accepting Christian Liberty Diplomas. Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to the upcoming school year with CLASS.” – Gillette, WY

“We are extremely pleased to report to Christian Liberty that our son..., who has been a student of CLASS for the past four years, has been accepted into the United States Air Force Academy. We believe that a crucial part in the completed application package that the USAFA received came from your [Transcript] department.

“We spoke personally to you on several occasions. Each of our detailed requests was filled above and beyond our expectations; we could not have asked for more complete records! The information forwarded to the Air Force Academy spoke loudly in commendation of your fine program, and home-schooling in general!” – Tolland, CT

“I just had to write and tell you how much we love your school books. My in first grade right now. We just recently received our books for next year and as we looked through them I was just amazed at the wonderful, Godly teachings throughout each book...

“Thank you once again for your wonderful books. May God continue to Bless your work.” – Cheektowaga, NY

“...I could not thank you enough for what your [school] had done for my family. We are truly blessed with the help of CLASS in organizing our homeschool of four children. The curriculum is outstanding and I can see my children not only grow in knowledge academically but the spiritual growth has been extraordinary. I also want to thank you for the Graduation Ceremony of the eighth graders and high school seniors, which [my daughter] participated in. It was the best one I have ever been to, and I am looking forward to the next one we are able to attend.” – Joliet, IL

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Student Testimonials

"My mother homeschooled me from Kindergarten to 12'" Grade, using Christian Liberty Academy's homeschool curriculum. For her, Christian Liberty Academy was an answer to prayer as it provided a solid, nationally-accredited, Christian education and allowed her to enroll me early. When I was a child, I hated school, as many children do, and fought my mother time and time again. Yet, my parents continued to patiently teach me in Christ.

Now that I am a young adult in college, I have come to appreciate the rigorous, Christian education I received. It prepared me for college, both in terms of prerequisite knowledge and a hard work ethic. Most importantly, it also helped to grow my faith in God so that I can venture out into the world without being washed away. Thank you for the time and effort  that you have put into the school's program to make this possible." - Graduate: Colorado Springs, CO



“I am on the provost list at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor for receiving straight A's... I received scholarships for academic excellence. I loved CLASS and am so grateful for my education!” –  Graduate: Huancayo, Peru

“I thank God for allowing me to receive such a good education from your academy. Your Christ-centered courses and my parents’ loving devotion helped me to succeed.

“I also thank you for the graduation gift of Growing Up Christian by Mr. Karl Graustein. It has been thought provoking, causing me to seriously examine my relationship with Christ. I greatly appreciate it and hope that my friends will also read it…

“Thank you, [every one] of you who make CLASS possible, for caring about the education of Christians. God is changing lives through you and I thank Him for your helping mold mine.” – Graduate: Baker City, OR

“Thank you...for your great contribution to my education. In two years of homeschooling, I feel I learned far more than four years in a private school.” – Twelfth grader: Twin Falls, ID

“I am writing to let you know that I received my transcripts and diploma in the mail today— hallelujah! Thank you so much for all you have done. You provided the excellent program, held the wonderful graduation ceremony last spring, and you have stuck by me in the confusing process of college application. Thank you so much for your patience and for getting these things straightened out.”

– Graduate: Lenox, MA

“Dear CLASS,

“I’m from Michigan.

“I like homeschooling because it is fun.

“I like math, language, and reading.”

– Second grader: Sparta, MI

“It has been a busy year for me since high school graduation. I am enrolled at Pensacola Christian College pursuing a major in Nursing and will be [a] Sophomore this fall. I am still depending on the Lord’s direction for my life. I know I have learned a lot from my studies with Christian Liberty and appreciate all your help...

“Thank you for your ministry in education. May God continue to bless your work as you help other students.”

– Graduate: Vancouver, BC, Canada

“As each year goes by, I am ever more thankful to the Lord that my parents followed His leading and home schooled my sister and I for most of our education. After being educated at home for nine years, I graduated from CLASS in 1987 and the Lord led me to attend college. I finished my M.A. in Education in May of 1994.

“Thank you for all you are doing to help home schoolers. Please don’t ever give up your high standards of excellence.”

– Graduate: Lima, NY

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Curriculum Material Reviews

Christian Homeschooling: Foundation & Practice, Mark Beuligmann, general editor
“Christian Liberty offers parents this valuable primer on homeschooling. Consisting of a compilation of articles, topics include what is Christian education, how should a child be trained, parental rights and responsibilities, discipline, accountability and structure, teaching several children, and teaching art and music and more. Presented in an encouraging well-reasoned style, this little volume has some nuggets of encouragement and advice for all home schoolers.” – Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

The Life of Christ by James Stalker, revised and edited by Michael J. McHugh
“It has been a fascinating process watching my daughter go through this bible study, The Life of Christ. It seems that a day does not pass where she comes to me wide-eyed, saying, ‘Mom, did you know...’ It has been a joy seeing my daughter become so involved with the depth of history, geography, accounts and terminology that this bible study has opened up for her. I particularly like the fact that the Life of Christ does not take a ‘fluffy’ or emotional based approach. I appreciate that the authors did not assume my teenager needed to be entertained with goofy cartoons, or talked down to, or use teenage lingo to try and make the deep truths of our lives ‘hip’ or ‘cool’, but instead treated her like the mature, young adult that she is, and presented a study that uses the true incredible facts to draw her nearer to her Savior in a very real way. She appreciated it too, and rose to the occasion and has benefited a great deal. I give The Life of Christ a high rating...” – Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

“I absolutely LOVE this bible study curriculum. It is high school level and very well written. It brings up such interesting subjects, like what languages Jesus probably spoke, if He had any brothers or sisters in His earthly family, and tells how the prophecies about Him came true. I think it is wonderful because everything is backed up with scripture.” – Coie Igarashi: Student

How to Study: A Practical Guide from a Christian Perspective by Edward J. Shewan
“As my children are getting older, I am increasingly concerned that they are equipped with skills for high school and college. A great deal of our focus in the middle school years is on learning study skills, and research and writing skills. This little book is written to the student and covers all aspects of the study process. He spends a great deal of time in the beginning of the book talking about time management. Most of us need help in this area! He shows the student how to chart and manage their time effectively. The rest of the book is dedicated to improving skills, including reading, writing, composition and research. This is the kind of book you could read together with your child, or give to a middle school student to study independently. It’s a valuable investment is your child’s higher education.”

– Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

Hearts and Hands by Darrel A. Trulson
“For those of you who have little ones looking for a great Kindergarten workbook full of letter sound worksheets and number practice, Hearts and Hands is for you! My little daughter just loves it.”– Kate Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

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Professional Reviews​

The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

 “This year we (the Igarashi family) decided to set out and learn what we can about distance learning programs. We chose the Christian Liberty Academy School System, or CLASS, and so far we have been very pleased. Previously, in the Summer ’03 issue I (Jenefer) highlighted some of the reasons we chose the CLASS program. (one of the biggest pro’s was the great low price). Now that we have been working through the program for a semester, we fell like we are getting a real feel for ‘who’ CLASS is. I have to say that this has been a very good experience. We promptly received the entire curriculum and the results back from Coie’s assessment/placement test (they use CAT). We were happy with how they matched her curriculum to her personal ‘test level’; she was able to dive right in at a comfortable pace. She has accessed the online tutorial/help line and customer service (by email). I’ve included her observations on those services beneath my report. This month we will be mailing in our first set of tests for grading by CLASS. They will be sending us quarterly report cards and keeping cumulative records of test scores, final grades and Coie’s academic history... Distance learning certainly takes some of the pressure off with regards to record keeping and transcripts, among other things.” – Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor

“Using the CLASS distance learning program this school year has been very beneficial. There are many helpful tools including the algebra email help-line, online algebra tutorial, and customer service. I used the customer service e-mail when I first stated and they responded surprisingly fast with all the answers to my questions. The online algebra tutorial is also really great. Not all of the lessons in the book are included, but what they do have is extremely helpful, giving many examples and explaining everything clearly. I have not yet needed to use the help-line but if it’s anything like their other services then it’s sure to be advantageous. There is a CLASS lesson planner that can be used on your computer, which makes recording everything much easier and faster. It has many features such as the weekly lesson planner, prayer journal, weekly chore list, high school and elementary academic transcript, field trip worksheet, attendance record, reading record sheet, and many more features. It makes everything much easier and hassle-free. I think that anybody who uses the CLASS program will be very impressed.” – Coie Igarashi, Jenefer’s daughter

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