10 Famous People Who Were Homeschooled

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Accusations against home schooling are as old as time – but are they true?

Will your child be dooming themselves to a life of intellectual mediocrity, social awkwardness, and low earnings if they do not participate in the modern American public school free for all???

Think again!

Below are ten world famous and RICH individuals whose parents had the foresight and courage to do the right thing for their children and set them up for success!

  1. Taylor Swift: World Famous Singer
  2. Emma Watson: World Famous Actress: Harry Potter Movies
  3. Erik Demaine: MIT Professor who achieved his PhD in Math by age 20
  4. Justin Bieber: World Famous Singer
  5. Simone Biles: Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics
  6. Samuel Chao Chung Ting: Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
  7. Venus and Serena Williams: Professional Tennis Players
  8. Billie Eilish: Professional Singer who won the Grammy Award
  9. Tim Tebow: Professional Footballer
  10. Ryan Gosling: Hollywood Actor in movies such as Bladerunner 2049

Whether actors and actresses, singers and scientists, and super athletes – home schooling allowed these 10 people to focus on what they did best and achieve their goals!

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